Every diner, every chef and every kitchen is unique, and we provide exceptional meats that align with the particular needs of each. Our mouth-watering lamb and beef cuts are all pasture-reared, painstakingly trimmed, and presented with the discerning diner in mind.

We know the high standards you expect in humane treatment, empathy for animal and environment, and in the highest levels of attention to quality, specification and trim. Our animals are allowed to graze at will on open pastures and are nurtured under strict, independently audited animal welfare and quality assurance programs. Reared without being fed antibiotics or treated with added hormones, tender and trimmed to a sublime standard, our range of meats will delight and inspire the culinary professional and home cook alike.

The Longer Road is Often a Better Way, and we let nature take its course. Temperate climate and bountiful pastures provide a natural abundance of quality grass-fed meats raised with a low environmental impact. This allows us to select for quality and consistency in provisioning the kitchen; tender, like-sized cuts of exacting trim available without interruption.