Pilot Lamb Superb and Sustainable

Farmed Fresh from Field to Table

Grass-Fed Beef for Natural Tenderness

Pilot Brands is much more than a name. It’s a way of thinking about quality in grass-fed meat that you can see, taste, and trust. At Pilot Brands we believe deeply about connecting you with the fundamental integrity of the pastoral production process.

We bring farmers, processors and distributors together in a synergy of people, philosophy and products that delivers the best of the land with exacting attention to detail, service and quality. You care deeply about the provenance of your meat and produce; these farmers care as deeply about the welfare of their land and wholesome goodness of the animals they raise. We strive to strengthen the connection between you, your food, and the land.

The building blocks of exceptional meat are expressed best in their simplicity: fresh air, pure water, warm sun on abundant green grass. In the rich pastures from which we source, livestock graze freely year round and farming families take pride in traditions of stewardship passed down through generations. Our connection with the land began over two decades ago, when we developed the relationships linking back to the fine people who live and work these pastures that continue today.


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