Simplicity and Stewardship are our Hallmarks

Our Enthusiasm for natural, succulent meats sets us apart. We add only our own exacting standards of trim, handling, and service to the simple qualities of the meat: care for the land and livestock raised as they evolved, grazing freely on plentiful grasses with clean water and fresh air–naturalness beyond trite definitions.

It’s about great meat, and more. At Pilot Brands our focus is on the details that matter in delivering well-crafted, delicious grass-fed meat of the quality you demand, when you expect it. Our relationships are vital and through long-standing producer partnerships we work on high quality specifications that exhibit the very best qualities of these fine meats. Our team of logistics, warehousing and distribution experts ensure that the values inherent in the meat are delivered safely, with care and on time.

You need certainty and we deliver. Whether it is knowing that the feature item on a menu you’ve planned for months will be available when you need it, or meeting the year-round quality demanded by discriminating consumers in a retail environment, or simply as a home chef caring about the origin and wholesomeness of tonight’s dinner – Pilot Brands gives you the certainty to provide delicious grass-fed meats with confidence.